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Fund Raising Opportunities

(Most of the pictures below are hyperlinks)

Snappy Tomato Pizza

They offer us 10 cents a label! Just think how much money we could get for our school if everyone turned in their Snappy labels this year!

Box Tops for Education

This great company also offers us 10 cents for every box top label we turn in. This is a great opportunity for our school to make money. Start looking for those Box Tops!!


 E-Labels for Education

Click on the e-labels picture to find which labels we can use for this. They give our school free stuff!



Ken's Receipts

Ken's New Market is kind enough to offer us money if we turn in Ken's receipts for over $10. Send those receipts to school. We can sure use them!


Recycle Ink Cartridges

Send those used ink cartridges to us!! We can get money to use for our school. Just send them to Mrs. Dickey in the Computer Lab.

Student holding ink cartridges

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