Tim Tebow Reads “Green Eggs And Ham”




Welcome to 4th Grade

Dear Families,
We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to 4th grade at Southside Elementary! This year is going to be AWESOME! You will be faced with new learning, new experiences, and new opportunities that will be rewarding, challenging, and exciting. As we begin this year, let us take an opportunity to introduce you to the teachers.
Judy Clevinger is the math and science teacher. This is her 25th year of teaching. She loves to get her hands dirty! Mrs. Clevinger has three children…Jeffrey, Jacob, and Jessica.. They are big kids now. Jeffrey is married to Erin Murdock Clevinger, and they have one BEAUTIFUL daughter named Eliza Rose. She turned one this year on May 1. Jacob is married to Leah. They live in North Carolina. Jessica is a senior at the University of Kentucky. Mrs. Clevinger likes to work in the garden, walk with her dogs, and ride the “side by side” with her her husband, Jon.
DeAnna Six Murdock is the reading and social studies teacher. This is her 21st year of teaching. She is totally obsessed with literature!!!! Mrs. Murdock has 4 children…Erin Murdock Clevinger is married to Mrs. Clevinger’s son, Jeffrey!!! She shares precious Eliza Rose with Mrs. Clevinger! Austin Murdock is a firefighter and lives in Cleveland, Tennessee. Morgynn McDaniel is a sophomore cheerleader at Eastern Kentucky University and Anna Blake McDaniel is a freshman cheerleader for Harrison County High School. Mrs. Murdock enjoys tailgating at EKU and participating in ALL HCHS cheerleader activities. Another hobby that may surprise you is Mrs. Murdock rides a HARLEY DAVIDSON motorcycle… ALL BY HERSELF!!! So if you see an orange Harley in town, with a girl rider, it’s probably Mrs. Murdock.
We are looking forward to a wonderful year! Your job is to always be prepared, ready to learn, and have a great attitude! We promise to be prepared, ready to teach (and learn), with a good attitude, too!
Mrs. Clevinger
Mrs. Murdock




Summer Is Here!!!

I want to take this time to say farewell to the 4t graders of Southside Elementary…  You were an awesome class that taught me so much!  I know you will be a great success in 5th grade, but remember that if you need anything, I am just across the hall!

To my new 4th graders…Welcome to Murdock Mania!!!  I will be your reading, grammar, and social studies teacher.  Mrs. Cleivinger will be your science and math teacher.  We have worked together forever and cannot wait to have you as our students!

I want to give you a little information about me.  I was born and raised in Cynthiana, Kentucky.  I went to elementary school at Northside, attended the Harrison County Middle School, and Harrison County High School.  I went to college at Eastern Kentucky University and Georgetown College.  My husband is Scott Murdock.  Together we have four children.  Erin Murdock Clevinger is married to Mrs. Clevinger’s son, Jeffrey.  They have one child, Eliza Rose.  Austin Murdock is a firefighter in Cleveland, Tennessee.  Morgynn McDaniel is a sophomore cheerleader at Eastern Kentucky University, and Anna Blake McDaniel is a freshman cheerleader for Harrison County High School.

Some of my interests are books, books, and MORE books!!!  I also ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle and enjoy touring our state with my husband.  I love teaching and have done so for 21 years!!!!

I look forward to a wonderful year with you!




October 21-25

Welcome back to school! I hope everyone had a wonderful Fall Break! Now it’s back to business…
In reading this week, students will be reading “The Stranger”. This is a short story in our textbook. While reading, we will investigate who (or what) “The Stranger” is. This is a fantasy, so use your imagination (and details from the text) to infer!
Grammar will be several short lessons using Education Creation. Our goal is to be the BEST scoring Language Mechanics school in the county!
Environmental Camp registration is due THIS WEEK! Be aware that you DO NOT NEED A PHYSICAL TO ATTEND. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Meyer at the 4H extension office or me. We want EVERYONE to attend!




September 30- October 4, 2013

September has been an awesome month of adventure and excitement for our 4th grade! I can’t wait to see what October brings!
This week in reading, we will be working in Standard RI 4.2… Finding the main idea of an informational text and giving supporting details. There could possibly be some homework in the next few days, so be aware. If you and your child have difficulties, don’t worry! They can bring the work to me and we’ll take care of it in the morning!
In social studies, we will continue with our study of the regions of Kentucky. Ask your child some questions about the Eastern Coal Fields and Bluegrass regions!




September 9-13, 2013

This has been a very busy beginning of school. Students have completed MAP testing for math and reading. We will continue with science on Wednesday and Friday of this week. Next week complete the fall MAP testing with Language Arts. Please make sure your child attends school so that make-up tests are not necessary.

In reading, students have been exploring Ky. Reading Standard RL 4.3, with a focus on character. We will be reading several short fictional stories to see how characters change throughout the story and why. Please make sure any reading homework in the agenda is complete. I initial any homework that needs to be finished.
Next week will be our Grandparents’ Day luncheon on Thursday and Safety Day at the 4H grounds on Friday. Don’t forget to mark your calendars!




March 11- March 15

Please be aware of the strange schedule this week. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are “normal” days. Thursday is a half day with students dismissing at 11:30. There will be no school on Friday due to KEA meetings.

In reading, we are working on finding themes of fiction stories. This week we are viewing a movie based on a book, “Lilith Summer”. Students are working to find character, story events, and theme. We are progressing to finding the themes in poetry and plays.




March 4- March 8

Environmental Camp is quickly approaching. On March 25 we will be leaving for Environmental Camp in Carlisle. While there, we will experience some wonderful science activities that involve our environment. We will be staying all night and returning to school by 2:30 on March 26. If you need information on this trip, please contact us for packets. Parents are also welcomed to attend!

This week in reading, we are continuing our exploration in themes of stories. There will be several activities completed in class. What doesn’t get finished in class will be assigned as homework.




January 28- February 1

In reading we are working on nonfiction reading strategies. Our topic is dolphins. We have started discussing the characteristics of mammals and adaptations. We watched a video of dolphins and their habitats and will read about a pink dolphin in the Amazon.

Please be sure to encourage your child to do his or her best work and be very attentive during class time. We work very hard all day in order to NOT have much homework. If work is not done during the day, then work will have to be done at home.




Merry Christmas!

First I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and blessings. It’s truly an honor to spend my 21×2 birthday with such great students!

I would like to wish each and every family a wonderful Christmas and a blessed new year. Rest over these next few days, go out and play if you can, and read, read, read!!!! I will see you back in class, ready to learn on Wednesday, January 2, 2013!!!