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by BJ Maggard,
Harrison County District Technology Coordinator.
Copyright 2011
All Rights Reserved
Revised: 06/07/2017
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 Picturing Proficiency in Harrison County...

Focused on Student Performance!


"Big 4 Questions"
Asked to help our students reach the goal of Proficiency and beyond!

1. Where are our students in terms of proficient performance?

2. How do we know where our students are "performance-wise"?

3. How do we feel about it? Are we satisfied?

4. What are we going to do about it?

Things we are doing...

Proficiency Teams
Team members identify proficient work and monitor within the
team the student performance.

Administrators (school and district) visit classrooms each week and
provide feedback to teachers.

District Leadership Team
Two teachers from each school meet twice monthly to share
focus on student performance.

Accountability Awareness
Teachers report to administrators performance levels of students
and strategies to increase performance.

Gifted/Talented Program
Increased services so that more elementary students may participate
in primary talent pool and additional focus be placed at middle and high.

Proficiency Quest
Teachers utilize a program designed to help them recognize proficient
work, evaluate student performance and provide additional classroom resources.
Check it out

Weekly Meetings
Principals and administrators meet to continue focus on proficiency.

Monthly Grade Level and Program Meetings
Elementary teachers network, collaborate resources and strategies and analyze
student work on common assessments to focus on the instructional implications.

Student Leadership Team
Four high school students from each grade level meet to discuss various
educational topics/concerns.

Open Door Policy
Allows teachers the opportunity to express concerns.

Discipline Policy
Revised to create consistency between schools.

Professional Learning Community
Harrison County continues to grow as a Professional Learning Community.
here to learn more.

Continue public relations efforts through WHHS Channel 6 broadcasts, various publications, district website, classroom blogs, etc.
Coming soon to DVD
We are Harrison...Come Shine with Us!

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Blueprint for a Successful School in Harrison County!

Check the
HC Organizational Chart for contacts.


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