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District Happenings


Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety Month

Do you know what your child is doing online?  If not, become a CSI
(Computer/Cellular Screen Investigator) today!

During October Harrison County students have participated in various activities to help each of them learn to stay safe and become good digital citizens while using 
the internet and/or other technology.

In today's society it is very important that both children and adults realize the importance of being good digital citizens and staying safe on the Internet. During the month of October Harrison County Schools have implemented activities to create an awareness of Internet dangers and rules/strategies that can help to keep children and adults safe.

The use of technology has grown tremendously over the last few years. From computers to cell phones, children now have the world at their fingertips. Due to this, much of their communication and interaction with others happens via the Internet through eMail, chat rooms and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Sites such as these make it easy to connect with friends and relatives, but also allow for possible connections with strangers who could cause harm. It is important our children not fall into a practice of trusting everyone they meet online.

Parents, we challenge you to become CSIs (Computer/Cellular Screen Investigators). Find out what your children are doing online. Take a look at their social networking sites and cell phones, so that you know what they are saying, who their "friends" are and what others are saying to or even about them. Become their "friend" on the sites. Check text messages and eMails. Talk with your children about the dangers, how they should be kind to others and how they can stay safe while utilizing the vast resources technology can offer. Encourage them to talk to you about messages, postings or "friends" that may make them feel uncomfortable and/or hurt. You can keep your children safe!

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety

Always use good manners and be polite when talking to someone online.

Always place home computers where there can be adult supervision.
Never place computers in children's bedrooms.

Delete any emails from people or companies that you don't know. Do not forward these. If you receive an email asking for your private information, such as credit card numbers, birth dates, social security numbers, bank account info, etc., do not fill these out. Delete immediately.

If you receive mean, cruel or threatening messages through the computer or cell phone, be sure to tell your parents or a trusted adult. Don't be afraid to let others know.

If you receive an email that is strange, mean or upsetting to you, do not respond. Email messages are very difficult to interpret. People have a tendency to read between the lines and most of the time there is really nothing between the lines. Think before sending an email that could be interpreted the wrong way. Sometimes the spoken word is better than the typed word.
Once typed and sent, the message can not be erased.

Never share personal information on-line when setting up profiles or talking with others through messaging or social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Personal information includes your full name, address, age, phone number, birthday, where you go to school, your sports number, your parents' names or any other facts that could lead someone to you.

Be very selective in what you post on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Remember that once you post the picture or information and it has been viewed or even shared by others, it can not be erased.

Social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are like bulletin boards for the world. If you would not post the picture or information on your school bulletin board for others to see, then don't post it on the world bulletin boards. Think before you post!

There is no such thing as "private" on the Internet. You may think so, but it's not true. People can find anything they want and keep what you post forever. Think before posting things, including pictures, that you would not want your mom, teacher, boss or potential college advisor to see.

Don't fill out any "fun" questionnaires that are forwarded to you, even if they're from your friends. Remember, you're in a world where everything can get forwarded. All those personal things about you could land in the hands of someone who could use them to harm you.

Be careful when someone offers you something for nothing, such as gifts or money. Remember, any offer "That is too good to be true", probably is.

Don't ever accept a gift or an offer that involves having someone visit your house.

Sexting-Texting nude photos of yourself or someone else is inappropriate and against the law.


Harrison County Cares...Community Forum!

We recently held a community forum, along with the University of KY, to discuss how we as a community can help our teens deal with issues they face in today's society. We thank all who attended and hope that the discussions and help for our teens will continue to grow! If you would like to view Dr. Omar's presentation, please click here!


Commissioner of Education, Dr. Holliday,
Visits Harrison County

Harrison County was honored to welcome Dr. Holliday on Monday, February 13th. During his visit Dr. Holliday spoke with administrators about key educational issues. He also spent time observing classrooms and talking with teachers and students. We thank him for taking time to visit our schools! Click here for photos.


Technology Webcast

Harrison County hosted the KDE Technology Leadership webcast on May 18, 2011. David Couch and other KDE leaders visited Northside Elementary where Harrison County's Technology program was highlighted and state initiatives, reports, events, etc. were shared with other districts across the state of Kentucky. Harrison County's panel of guests included Andy Dotson - Superintendent, Tom McKee - State Representative, Dalton B. - HCHS Senior, Bevery Judd - Northside LMS,
Christy Kinney - Northside TRS, and Melissa Shepard, CIO.

Click here to view webcast.

Donkey Ball

On May 6th the HCMS and HCHS FFA hosted a Donkey Ball game. Participants included teachers, administrators and community members. It was an exciting night for all!

Click here for video!


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