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Sharon Hill, Principal


Office Staff

Rebecca Snapp- Secretary

Paula Burden- Secretary


Pam Hubbard, Pre-K



Cary Coppage, Pre-K


Barbara Olin, Kindergarten



Leslie Jones, Kindergarten



Donna Gayle Northcutt, Kindergarten Assistant



Maria Bell, Kindergarten Assistant

Elizabeth Korona, 1st Grade


First Grade


Debbie Case, 1st Grade



Jennifer Gaunce, 2nd Grade


Second Grade

Tonya Northcutt, 2nd Grade

Lori Duckworth, 3rd Grade

Third Grade

Cathy Slucher, 3rd Grade


Heidi Mullins- 3rd Grade

Tiffeney Schaad, 4th Grade

Fourth Grade

Janell Delaney, 4th Grade

Julie Dailey, 4th Grade

Jenny McIlvain, 5th Grade

Fifth  Grade

Terri Durbin, 5th Grade

Christy Kinney, Computer Lab


Specials Teachers

Darla Grob, Library Media Specialist

Linda Philpot, 3rd Grade


Jennifer Mattill, Music

Andrew Case, P.E.

Michelle Fields, Speech Pathologist


Ginny Barnes, District Art/World Language Teacher

Sharon Bridges, RTA Interventionist

Debbie Kendall, Curriculum Coach

Glenda Northcutt, Special Education

Special Needs Staff

Barbara Gibbs, Special Education

Sandra Furnish, Special Education

Courtney McNabb, Special Education


Dee Cramer, Special Education Assistant

Sarah Roberts, Special Education Assistant

Andra Gaunce, Special Education Assistant  

Crissy Wade, Special Education Assistant


Sherri Migneault, Special Education Assistant





Chelsey Smiley- Special Education Assistant




Andrea Laytart, Cafeteria Manager


Cafeteria Staff



Melissa Gaunce, Cook


Teresa Wiley, Cook



Brandi Cash- Cook


Mark Pergram, Custodian

Support Staff


Rosie Carson- Night Time Custodian

Morgan Feeback, Nurse

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