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Featured Classroom

Christian Chasteen

Classes-    Integrated Social Studies (Freshmen) Psychology (Juniors, Seniors)

1.      Tell us a little about yourself (ex. family, hobbies, personal interests, etc.).

My dad and mom are Rick and Mary Chasteen. I grew up in Cynthiana and graduated from HCHS. I am interested in Baseball, Football, Basketball. I love studying the ancient Greeks and Romans. I also enjoy the subject of Astronomy where I enjoy sky-watching almost on a nightly basis and hope to purchase an intermediate telescope eventually to observe the sky.  

2.      Have you had any significant experiences in your classes?  

Each day I enjoy having discussions with my students about Civics/Psychology topics. It really makes my day when the students are inquisitive and interested about their country and their role as citizens.

3. What specific goals do you have for your classes this year?

A goal I have for my classes this year is to become informed about topics and events that are going on in our country. I want them to be able to look at situations from both perspectives and search for the facts to make educated choices in their lives. It is important that we educate the students to be leaders and not blind followers.

4. What do you like best about your classes?

What I like best about my classes so far is that the students enjoy having discussions and actively participate in lessons. This makes the class more engaging and enjoyable.

5. Could you imagine yourself doing anything else? If so, please explain?

I have worked to become a teacher for the past 4 years in college. I enjoy the profession and do not see myself leaving the field until I retire. I cannot imagine doing anything different. I am constantly learning about new topics and hope to pass that knowledge down to my students.

 6. Tell us about a cool project your class is working on now?

My social studies classes are going to be working on a citizenship pamphlet this week where they describe the importance of being a good citizen and responsibilities of individual citizens.

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