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Eastside Elementary is located on Oddville Avenue in Cynthiana, Kentucky. It is one of four elementary schools in Harrison County. It houses thirteen primary classrooms, six intermediate classrooms, two resource classrooms, one FMD classroom, a preschool, a library, a music room/keyboarding lab, a physical education area, a computer lab, a large multipurpose room/cafeteria, a counselor’s office, a main office, a teachers’ workroom, and a conference room. It is home to 51 staff/faculty members as well as 405 students - The Broncos.


History of Eastside Elementary

    The land on which Eastside Elementary School is situated was once part of the Desha farm. Lucius Desha (1812-1885), the son of former Kentucky governor Joseph Desha, owned several farms in Harrison County making him one of the six largest property owners in the county. The Oaks, his two story brick house, is still standing as Eastside’s neighbor.

    After Lucius and Eliza Desha’s death, their daughter Frances Duffy and her children inherited the farm. A portion of the farm was purchased by the Harrison County Board of Education. Eastside Elementary School was built and its doors were opened to students and teachers in September of 1964.







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