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Cynthiana-Harrison County
Public Library Catalog

Search for materials on the public library’s catalog and find out about upcoming library happenings.

Kentucky Virtual Library
Gain access to MANY information resources for both you and your students. 

(Encyclomedia and other resoucres)

In addition to Encyclomedia, find great resources to go along with KET programs, including lesson plans and printable activities.

Professional Resources

Kentucky Core Content
Links to most recent core content and related resources.

KERA Listserves
Join a listserve to communicate with colleagues across the state.

Copyright/Fair Use
Quick resource to give you the facts on copyright.


RTI Action Network
Excellent resource for RTI information and help.


Language Arts

AR Book Find
Create a leveled classroom library to match students with their reading grade-equivalent. 

Book Adventure
A free AR-type program.  Students can take select quizzes and earn points for prizes. 

Free picture cards for students who need visuals in the classroom or for non or emerging readers to jumpstart a story.  Similar to Boardmaker except free!

Create a leveled classroom library to match students with their Lexile numbers from Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI).  

Nancy Keane
An amazing list of books and other reading resources that will help you match trade books to your units of study.

Reading is Fundamental
Stories read aloud as words and phrases are highlighted.


Read the Words
Text to speech reader.  Input text will be read aloud. A free site, but registration is necessary.

Reading Resources
A library media specialist in Texas has created this list of books, categorized by literary elements. A wonderful way to find books to illustrate various writer's tools.

Read, Write, Think
Find resources for all areas of language arts.


ABCs, phonics, stories:  students click on words and letters and are rewarded with sounds, words, and actions.

Sponsored by Screen Actors Guild.  Actors read aloud popular children’s stories.

Find games to help reinforce concepts being taught in reading.



          Social Studies            

              State Information
    Has information about every state which include state capital and other information about each state.
 Interactive websites for students to learn about the government. Also has lesson ideas for teachers.


PowerPoint Templates

New Standards
R           Reading   Math Manipulative
                  Special Education Apps        Apps for Parents and Teachers  A

s for Parents and Teachers


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