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Welcome to the Eastside Library! 


Our library offers more than 14,000 children’s books available for student checkout, audiovisual materials for classroom use, several online computers, and an interactive Eno board for whole group/small group lessons. 


Each Eastside student visits the library at least one time each week with his/her homeroom class.  During this time, students are given the opportunity to check out library books.  Students in kindergarten may check out one book at a time, while students in 1st-5th may check out two books at a time.  Students are given the opportunity to select an additional book if they are working on a class project or if they participate in a “reading buddy” program. 


Students are encouraged to visit the library more often than their planned library class to trade in library books.  The library is open for extra checkout every morning, 7:55-8:15am, and again every afternoon, 2:30-3:00pm.  Additionally, students will find the library open for checkout and research at various times of the day on Wednesdays and Thursdays, when our library is more flexibly scheduled. 



Hope to see you in the library really soon!







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