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History club

Eastside Elementary's History Club is in its fourth year of existence.
Students arrive prior to school (approximately 7:00-7:15) on Tuesday
mornings.  They spend thirty-five minutes studying various aspects of
history that do not receive as much teaching time in the classroom.  Our
textbooks limit important topics in U.S. History to just a couple of pages.
Students, therefore, dive into research on events such as: World War One,
World War Two, and the Vietnam War.  At the end of the year, more time may
be dedicated to the Korean War or even the Civil War.
    In October, the history club spends four weeks preparing an
I-movie/powerpoint presentation and crafts for the annual Cynthiana Elks
Veterans Day Fish Fry.
    By becoming a member of Eastside's History Club, students are able to
join the Kentucky Junior Historical Society.  This occurs by means of
financial assistance from our local school system.  During the spring,
students have the opportunity to attend the KJHS State Convention in
Frankfort.  They may attend the convention "IF" they complete a project for
the statewide competition.

Tuesday's  7:15 A.M.






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