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A simple website for grades K-6 that includes art projects and step-by-step instructions for each! This website is a fantastic resource for elementary and middle-school Art teachers.


With 3,000+ Lesson Plans offered for teachers PreK-12, this website is a must for all teachers! Lesson guides can be found in all subjects and grade levels, as well as activities and worksheets that coincide with them. Teachers can also read articles about projects and lessons other teachers have tried, and join in the discussion group.


This site offers collaborative book lists from several different resources. Teachers in all English levels, can search themes and values of books, as well as use this resource to assign books for students.


An A+ website for teachers looking for Social Studies lesson plans. This website contains cool activities to try in the classroom. It also includes utilizable information about every historically significant event in history.


This site explains graphs and shows examples of each. It also allows students to create and print their own on-line graphs. http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids/graphing/index.asp
This is a great information source for recycling. It also makes for a great scavenger hunt. http://www.epa.gov/recyclecity/
This site offers a virtual tour of the Hershey's chocolate plant. It discusses how chocolate is made and even shows the machines used in the manufacturing plant. It makes a great virtual field trip! http://www.hersheys.com
This is a great list of sites with their descriptions. All kinds of quizzes, worksheets, vocabulary test, and classroom activities can be found here! http://www.sitesforteachers.com
The Kentucky Virtual Library is a great reference area. It also offers a section for children. You will need a password, if accessing from home. Be sure to ask your school librarian. http://www.kyvl.org
This is a great place to find explanations and practice worksheets for basic math skills (K-8). http://www.aaamath.com
This site offers many resources with activities for reading, math, spelling, holidays, special needs children, and much more. http://infoline.officehiway.com/teacher_resources.htm
This is a great site to find lesson plans, thematic units, seasonal activities, and more. http://theteacherscorner.net
This site is filled with forms, checklists, ideas, and printable worksheets. http://timesaversforteachers.com/
This is a great resource for lesson plans, ideas, internet scavenger hunts, and more. http://www.educationworld.com
This is a searchable database of interesting educational sites.



This is a great site about volcanoes. It has great information, pictures, and movies of erupting volcanoes. http://volcano.und.nodak.edu/
This offers a virtual tour of the White House for kids. It has a lot of great information and makes for a great field trip. http://www.whitehouse.gov/kids/index.html
This page offers more information about Quick Recall (QR) Codes and how they can be used in an educational setting. http://www.harrison.kyschools.us/district/tech/qrcodes.htm
This page offers links to a few favorite Web 2.0 tools for the classrooms. http://www.harrison.kyschools.us/district/tech/web2_0tools.htm

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