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This site is loaded with reference materials for English, Math, History, Geography,
Science, Social Studies, and much more.

Learn the capitals, states, and landscapes of the U.S.A. with this website’s wide variety of games and quizzes. This website will improve students’ views on the nation as well as its geography.


This 10- minute animated timeline explores the growth of the United States. Students can explore the history of the 13 colonies and see how the U.S. was settled.  It is a great resource for visual learners. A must-see!


Grades 7+ can test their skills and knowledge of world geography with this exciting game.


A great resource for Science projects! This site offers creative projects and activities for kids of all ages to try inside and out of the classroom.


This website is a fantastic tool for learning basic grade-school math. It includes help with Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and even Calculus!


The Kentucky Virtual Library for Kids is a great reference site designed for children. Ask your librarian for the password to access the site. Once there, click on Kids and enjoy! http://www.kyvl.org
This site offers links to other great educational sites. You will find resources for math, science, social studies,
and much more.
Great site for K-8 basic math skills. It contains interactive
practice, explanations, challenges, and much more.
This glossary is filled with K-6 math terms. http://www.hbschool.com/glossary/math2/index_temp.html
This search engine is designed especially for children. It offers a safe environment for internet research. http://www.yahooligans.com
This site offers interactive games and activities for a variety of math skills. http://www.coolmath.com
Here is homework help for all subjects and grades. http://school.aol.com
This site is filled with activities ranging from A to Z. You will find stories to read, games to play, crafts to make, holiday activities, and much more. http://www.enchantedlearning.com/home.html
This fun filled site offers a wide variety of educational activities/games. http://kidscom.com
This site is designed by the author Jan Brett. It offers activities inspired by her books. http://www.janbrett.com
This site is great for younger children (Pre-K- 1). It offers easy activities for number recognition, letter
recognition, and much more.

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