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This internet community discusses daycare involvement, worksheets, exercising, and includes message boards for parents to ask and receive answers to questions. The website also provides today’s most important issues facing children in schools across the country.


This site offers a large list of sites designed for parents. http://www.sitesforparents.com/

FunBrain offers a wide variety of educational as well as fun games and activities your child can download! Games include words, numbers, and math.



This site contains information for parents concerning school security, food, and transportation. Nutrition facts, safety tips, and discipline are covered. Hotline numbers and helpful programs for each category can also be found here.


MSN Encarta provides this interactive website filled with tips and resources for parents concerned with their child’s education. The site includes information on everything from managing television time, to helping with college selections!



This site is a great source of links for parents. http://www.ala.org/parentspage/greatsites/parent.html

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