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We are very proud of the progress Harrison County Middle School has made in the equipment and technology curriculum offered for its students and staff. We have over 200 computers providing a 5:1 student computer ratio. Every teacher has an IBM NetVista computer in the classroom, and the labs contain IBM, Gateway, or Dell computers. Each classroom is equipped with a telephone and access to an outside line, a television with cable access, and most are equipped with a VCR. Some classrooms have available connections for TV/computer hookup. Teachers receive in-service training and must meet certain technology standards.

For classroom projects, students and teachers can utilize mobile computer carts, which are located in the library. HCMS has a multimedia mobile cart consisting of a Dell Laptop with a DVD player, a VCR, and projection unit attached. Teachers present their lessons via the computer or can show an instructional video or DVD to a large group. Students use the unit to show their PowerPoint presentations created for classroom projects.

There are 16 computers in the library for research and writing. These computers are networked to a black/white printer. Some computer stations have access to a color printer. Our Scholastic Reading Counts program uses 11 computers to support our reading program. The library is fully automated using the Winnebago System for cataloging and circulation. There are (10) Casio digital cameras and science/math technology kits for use by teachers. These were obtained by teacher participation in the Casio Technology Integration Workshop.

Harrison County Middle School has three computer labs with a networked black/white printer in each lab. There is a color printer networked to two of the labs, and in two of the labs, there are HP scanners. Two labs were made possible by donated computers from state agencies contacted by Ron and Debbie Duvall, and a third lab was equipped by monies raised at HCMS and supplemented by district technology monies.

In 1999, HCMS began offering 18 weeks of computer instruction for each student. Because of budget cuts, computer teachers were reduced from two to one. Mrs. Darnell provides nine weeks of computer education for HCMS students. Each nine weeks she teaches sixth graders keyboarding skills, she instructs seventh graders to use Microsoft Word and then uses these skills to research and answer questions using the Internet, and with eighth graders Mrs. Darnell reviews Microsoft Word and advances to Power Point and Excel spreadsheet activities. Eighth graders also complete research and reading projects using the Internet.

HCMS has supported an active STLP program for five years. In its first year, HCMS had 5 students to participate in the state Kentucky Technology Conference.  STLP students use digital cameras to take pictures of school activities and post these pictures on the HCMS website. These students help to maintain the school website and help with other technological issues within the school.

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