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Faculty, Staff, Student/Parent Computer Purchasing Opportunity

If you are employed by or attend a Kentucky school and are  in the market for a
personal computer for home use, you have the opportunity to purchase computers at this
special IDU (Instructional Device Upgrade) negotiated pricing.  Computers include desktop,
laptop and tablet models from Dell, HP, Lenovo and Apple.  Vendor-specific order instructions
are included at the top of the IDU order forms located on the

Kentucky Department of Education's website
Prices are as much as 50% below retail pricing.

Microsoft software products are also available through the Student Select Program.
You have the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars when purchasing through this program. 
Student Select purchases can be placed on-line at
http://kde.onthehub.com. Student Select
Products include Microsoft Office 2007, Office 2004 for Mac, One Note, Project, SharePoint,
Visio and Windows Vista. Additional information on the Student Select program is
available at

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