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Harrison County High School has over 300 computers. These computers are located in 2 open labs, 2 labs for Project Lead the Way and Engineering classes, and a lab for teaching Computer Applications classes. Each teacher has a computer for Internet research, Microsoft Office, STI, and e-mail. Other hardware used in classes are overhead projectors, Averykeys, graphing calculators, and presenters. Each department has a laptop computer available to check out to review CATS data or to use for applications.

In one of the Project Lead the Way labs, Larry Kendall teaches Introduction to Engineering Design and Principles of Engineering. Both revolve around using problem solving skills to manipulate computer software and/or programming skills. Inventor 6 and Lucky Logic are the primary software. In the other lab, Roger Hurst teaches Digital Electronics which investigates digital systems and simulations based on Circuit Maker and MultiSim software.

Computer Applications classes use Microsoft Office for advanced applications. These applications include using Microsoft Word for desktop publishing, Excel for advanced spreadsheet skills and for creating graphs, and PowerPoint for multimedia presentations. These students also create personal and school web pages using Simpletext and HTML.

The English classes use technology for research on everything from the Anglo-Saxon period to modern English. Most recently students investigated mythological gods, goddesses, and heroes. Primarily, all students writing term papers utilize online and Internet sources. More and more students are using PowerPoint demonstrations for class projects. Each senior uses the computer lab on an extended basis to complete individual writing portfolios.

Science classes use the AveryKey presentation modules for PowerPoint presentations via the TV. A TI-Presenter linked to the TV is also used with graphing calculators. Music is coordinated to the slide shows. Other technology used by the science department includes the standard AV equipment, such as the TV, VCR, DVD, Laser disc, and some web-based tutorials like the Biology Project (University of Arizona). The science department has 2 Ti-presenters, 1 overhead projector panel, 3 TE 83+ (2 are silver editions), and 29 student 83+ units.

HCHS plans to begin using a text reader software, Read & Write Gold, during the 2004-2005 school year. This software will assist students with low reading skills to achieve at higher levels in their classes.

For summer school, we will be using online classes through Plato. This program is used by other schools and by Kentucky Adult Education. We have started using this program already for after school classes to earn credits or retake classes that students have failed.

Business Principles and Applications do an interactive stock market game via the computer along with e-mail and research. The Entrepreneurship classes keep all financial records for the school store on the computer daily.

Advanced Art students are using the new Dell computer with Adobe Creative Suite to make a variety of images. These include manipulated imagery combining photos they have shot (with their own digital cameras). Students’ works have already won awards at the high school art competition in Morehead. Art students have made posters for a variety of events, like the Art Club's "Big Fat Fun Time, Chapter Two" on May 15th and the extra large poster our first block class made for basketball homecoming, which altered Caravaggio's 1601 painting "The Conversion of St. Paul" to suit the Breds versus Royals game. Also, each art student is required to write a feature article about an individual art work, with some biographical information on the artist. Their work is to be formatted in a particular fashion to look like a magazine article This is the work of a graphic designer.

The high school library opens at 7:30 each morning and closes at 3:30. It has been fully automated since 1992, allowing access to a collection exceeding 18,000 books. Twenty computers are available in the Breds Computer Lab located off the library. Teachers may sign up to bring in their classes to use Microsoft Office and to do Internet research. Teachers are required to be with students whenever they use the Breds Lab. There are also five computers available in the library for students who are working independently.
There is a large-screen TV available in the library that teachers may schedule for use.

The math department use TI-83 calculators for advanced topics. They use them to graph functions and find regression. They are also used in other math classes.

Our goal at the high school is to get more computers in our labs. We also need scanners and digital cameras. Teachers’ computers will be getting upgraded with more RAM and Windows XP. We would also like to have some student stations in the classrooms for Internet research and Read and Write Gold access.

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