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Elementary Technology Curriculum

 Eastside Elementary

Welcome to the "Mouse House," Eastside Elementary's computer lab! Here we have 27 computers for student use and 3 computers for teacher use. Each week the students visit the lab twice.

One visit to the lab is with the computer lab teacher, where technology is the instructional focus. The students learn many skills here in the lab, such as operating a computer, keyboarding, word processing, using the internet, and even sending e-mails.

The second visit is with their regular classroom teacher, where the instructional focus is on academics. The students use a variety of educational software to improve their skills in reading, math, science, language, etc. For example, they may work on their multiplication skills in Math Blaster, learn how to tell time in The Playroom, or experience the real life adventure of crossing nineteenth century North America in a covered wagon with Oregon Trail.

Students can even write and illustrate their own stories using Kid Works 2.
The teachers find their classroom computers very valuable, as well. Each teacher has 2 to 3 computers in their rooms. Many like to use the internet to do scavenger hunts or for researching information or finding pictures of something they may be studying. Completing portfolios is made easier with the use of a word processing program.

Eastside's students love to visit the "Mouse House." It is a wonderfully, educational opportunity for all our students to experience!


Northside Elementary

Technology is used at Northside Elementary School in a variety of ways. In classrooms, from K through grade 5, technology is used to reach all levels of learners. In Kindergarten, Mrs. Sale uses her computer to integrate reading into her curriculum using a program called WiggleWorks. In first grade, Mrs. Dailey and Mrs. Broering use their computers, their overhead projectors, and their Avermedia (linking their TV to their computer) to integrate technology into their classrooms. Mrs. Dailey creates PowerPoint presentations with her class to reinforce skills that she has taught.

One of our third grade classes, Mrs. Stephens' class, is involved in the Palm Tree Project. Her class uses handheld PDA's to complete some of their homework assignments. They are very excited about being the only class in the district working in this pilot project. All of our third grade classes use the computer to track student reading with the Accelerated Reader program. Students read books from a selected reading list, then take a comprehension test over the book on their classroom computer.

Our fourth grade students rely heavily on technology in the publishing of their completed portfolio pieces and in research that they do to complete classroom assignments. They also use their computers to take Accelerated Reading tests. Using the link between their computers and their TV's makes learning more interesting for their students.

Technology has changed the way our school library operates. No longer do students search through the card catalog for the books they want to check out. Instead, they use a computer to locate the book they want to check out. Students can find out by using the computer whether the book is checked out to someone or can be found on the library shelf. The librarians job is also made easier by using the computer. Books are tagged with bar codes (similar to UPC's) that identify individual books. As a student checks out a book, the bar code is scanned and information is recorded on the computer. This allows the librarian to compile accurate records of the materials in the library and to keep accurate circulation reports of material use.

Keeping attendance and school records has also reached a new height. All of the student records are kept on computers in the office. Tracking attendance is now much easier than in days gone by. One push of a button and attendance information can be readily accessed for any particular student or for a group of students.

Computers are also used in tracking our school lunch procedures. Each student is issued an ID number that tracks their lunch payment. This allows the lunchroom manager to keep more accurate records.

In the computer lab, we have 30 student computers and two computers for teacher use. Each classroom has one computer for teacher use and most classrooms have at least one or two computers that students may use. All teacher computers and lab computers are networked to our school server. Teachers have email accounts through the school system. This allows parents and teachers to communicate during the school day, if necessary. Older students also have student email accounts. K-3 have classroom email accounts.


Southside Elementary

Southside Elementary has always placed a high priority on technology for student and staff use in both the classroom and the computer lab. Southside strongly supports the use of instructional technology and feels the ability to use technology will be key to our children's success in the future.

We are proud to have a minimum of two networked computers in each classroom affording our students access to the World Wide Web and online educational resources from their classrooms. In addition, we have two computer labs, one consisting of
29 networked iMacs and the other, a smaller Wiggles Works lab for K/1

The Site-Based Decision Making council and the staff voted to invest reward monies in technology. Laptop iBooks and presenters were purchased for each grade level to be made available for check-out. Also available for check-out are additional lap-tops for support staff, digital cameras, and a Class Performance System.

Students in all grade levels receive 40 minutes of technology instruction in the computer lab each week. Units of study include computer basics, keyboarding, word processing, graphics and multimedia, spreadsheets, internet and e-mail usage and safety. The students are introduced to and become proficient in many different programs, such as KidPix, AppleWorks, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel).

Technology is incorporated in all content areas, and students often submit projects in the form of a slide show to demonstrate proficiency in a given concept.

Southside Elementary School has a state-recognized STLP (Student Technology Leadership Program), consisting of twenty-five 4th and 5th grades. Students meet after school to work on projects, learn troubleshooting tips, and gain a more in-depth understanding of how technology can positively affect our lives and how we can use technology to help others. (Meeting dates are located on our web-site.) The STLP students have been busy creating newsletters to assist teachers in using web resources, making signs and banners for various activities throughout the school, taking digital pictures to document Southside's activities, and creating a disk library of PowerPoint presentations for teachers to check out and use in their classrooms.


Westside Elementary

Westside Elementary School has one computer lab which contains 30 iMac computers. Kindergarten through fifth grade students are taught computer skills. Among these skills are basic word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations (using PowerPoint), and internet research. The lab is also available to teachers to bring their students in to take Reading Counts quizzes, or complete other class projects.

Each teacher has an iMac computer which is connected to a projector, as well as a document camera. This enables them to use their computer during instruction, visiting websites, or using other programs which fit within school curriculum.  The students are able to see everything the teacher does on on a large screen and can also interact during instruction.

Last year teachers received a Macbook laptop computer for student use in the classroom. This has been a welcome addition as it gives students the opportunity throughout the day to learn and explore the world of technology!


Elementary Technology Curriculum


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