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by BJ Maggard,
Harrison County District Technology Coordinator.
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School health services include:

*Provides medication administration training, and other trainings to staff.
*Scoliosis Screenings (8th grade students)
*Hearing and vision screenings
*Reports health conditions to parents/guardians and refers students and family to a physician, specialist or health department as needed. Assesses student’s health needs, and provides recommendations to school staff when indicated. Health counseling sessions for students and families are provided if needed.
*Acts as health consultant by providing health education materials for teachers and school staff and serving on curriculum committees. Provides students, teachers, and families with information on current health issues.
*Manages communicable disease programs by checking immunization records and keeping them current. Provides information to help prevent the spread of communicable diseases such as flu, measles, mumps chicken pox, head lice, pink eye, ring worm, etc.
*Establishes school and community health programs and provides collaboration between school and community health services agencies
*Provides flu vaccinations for school staff
*Pre-K and Kindergarten registration in spring for the next school year. Requirements for Kindergarten registration are immunization certificate, birth certificate, physical, eye exam, social security number, dental screening. Requirements for Pre-K registration are the same, in addition verification of income, lead screening, copy of Medicaid or insurance card.
*Provides “Growing Up and Liking It” classes for 4th and 5th grade students (boys and girls are taught separately). This program deals with body changes during puberty.
*Provides American Red Cross CPR and First Aid certification
*Provides education in service learning.
*Works with community organizations and agencies providing educational programs and events for adults and children including: Big Feet/Little Feet; Happy Hoofers; Born to Run; Reading a Recipe: Reading Buddies; Longest Da of Play; Christmas Angels; Beyond the Birds and the Bees; Diabetes Awareness; School and Community Health Fairs; National Wear Red Day; Women’s Health Issues; Men’s Health Issues; and others.

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